NEXT GEN HEX product launch – Málaga 2017

Challenger Days

The second event day of Challenger Days focuses on providing a personal, in-depth product introduction and communicating information. In addition to presentations and workshops, Cat product and technology experts explain and demonstrate the most important USPs of the new product range using exhibitions and presentation stations designed specifically for this event.

Exhibition: „Positioning“

The new generation of excavators consists of three different models, allowing each target audience to choose the one that best meets their specific requirements. A table with rotating leaves presents the three new excavator models – 320, 320 GC and the performance machine 323 – with their product features, giving visitors the opportunity to compare the options interactively.

Exhibition: „Peace of mind“

A programmable safety distance means that the excavator and shovel can only move in a predefined radius – avoiding collisions with obstacles on the construction site. The exhibition playfully illustrates the kinds of obstacles that may be difficult to imagine in a model similar to a mobile. People can see these elements at a glance as they appear to float around a model excavator.

Exhibition: „Maintenance“

One impressive aspect of the new generation of excavators is the low costs and effort involved in maintenance. The idea was to present this in an easy-to-understand way by creating a walk-in diagram. The working hours and changing intervals of the old and new generations of excavators were compared on two pedestals. Visitors can walk through the diagram personally and experience the differences first hand.

Exhibition: „Payload“

How much sand is in one kilo? People are asked to estimate the weight of the sand, stones and gravel provided in this exhibition using a hidden scale, which helps them experience one of the technical benefits of this new generation of excavators in a playful way. Until now, excavator operators were required to work with similar estimates, guessing the weight of each shovel load based on their experience. The new generation of excavators allows for more efficient work. An assistance system measures the weight of each shovel load along with the already loaded materials to avoid loading too much or too little.


tisch13 – Idea, concept, design, overall management, lead agency and general contractor

PRG Germany – Media technology

IdealEvent – Trade show construction, exhibition construction