Built for it


Caterpillar is the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of construction equipment. In 2017, the company started its most important product launch in 25 years, titled NEXT GEN HEX. This new product generation represents a fundamental shift in Caterpillar’s very important excavation division. A spectacular event series in September was planned to generate the greatest possible buzz for the world premiere of this new generation.

The initial contact took place at Geneva Airport during the International Motor Show, where tisch13 designed and organised the SKODA press conference. The chemistry was right at the first meeting, and tisch13 received a wild card to participate in the pitch. Just two weeks later, the agency impressed Caterpillar with a very bold conceptual approach. The client also demonstrated its confidence and trust in choosing a newcomer as its partner.

As lead agency and general contractor, tisch13 was responsible for the concept creation, detailed planning and implementation of a complex multimedia show at the Caterpillar Demonstration and Learning Center in Málaga. This also included the creative development of product launch media for the second day of the event, which consisted of workshops, exhibitions and installations.

The Challenger Days in Málaga also marked the start of the work on the NEXT GEN HEX rollout in 2017 und 2018.