The Need for Speed

Audi Motorsport

Today’s motorsport events are no longer focused on just the race itself. Participating brands create spectacular, emotional events and messages to present themselves to guests both on and off the circuit. Communication focuses more heavily on motorsport fans at the track, and cross-over marketing has become very significant in this area in recent years.

Audi aims to inspire its customers while reaching out to and connecting with potential target audiences with its 360° brand identity in motorsport.
tisch13 has been supporting Audi’s Motorsport team on this journey (Audi Sport) since 2008. The agency is primarily responsible for the strong brand language and communication of the past several years.

In addition to producing conventional event communication, including print media and VIP hospitality arrangements, tisch13 has been responsible for the general concept and visual development for every motorsport season. A progressive, technical and innovative graphic language effectively reflects the Audi Sport brand positioning.