Out of the Box

Audi at CES

Practically no industry showcases emotions and innovations as intensely as the automotive industry. Even today, the major car shows are still the ideal place to present companies, brands and products in spectacular and sensational ways. Progressive automakers are also heading in a new direction, staging their brands and product statements in so-called “cross-over” projects to reach new and potential audiences directly – live and in person.

From 2011 to 2016, tisch13 created a temporary brand exhibition for premium automaker Audi at one of the world’s largest industry shows for consumer electronics, the CES in Las Vegas. The basic conditions were fairly manageable: Audi could fill 300 to max. 500 m2 of space in one of the big halls, surrounded by hundreds of small booths. The first idea from 2011, featuring the opened box, manifested itself as both a design and thematic topic.

Audi has reinterpreted and elaborated on the idea of the box in its architecture and space six times in a row. tisch13 developed a clear, consistent spatial concept from the overarching theme six times in a row. Grand cinema, constructed communication and vibrant emotions six times in a row. Out of the box. The talk of the show.