Our story

Round table, lab table, drawing table, negotiation table, work table, kitchen table, bar table…

At tisch13, we share a “Tisch” – or table – with our clients, partners and team members: from the first group brainstorming session to the celebration once the project has been completed successfully.

We had the idea that sparked the foundation of our agency at a restaurant in 2001 – while we were sitting at table number 13. Even today, this is a synonym of our mindset and our promise.

With this in mind:
Welcome to our table– welcome to tisch13!

Our mission

We question things, put conventions to the test and celebrate innovations.
We are always crossing boundaries, thinking outside of the box, searching for new things.
We are always searching, crossing boundaries, thinking outside the box.
We create worlds, explore new territory and give people goosebumps.
We look beyond the horizon.
After all:
We are tisch13.
And we’re always hungry.

What we do

We present brands and companies across all media.
We create concepts and design sustainable, effective communication, which we then enhance with meaningful content, statements and emotions.
Over 15 years of experience – direct and to the point.

Who we work for

We support people who manage brands with character.
We work with bold, hungry and driven personalities who think differently. Together, we tackle the challenges they face and redefine their industries.

Our services

Consulting, concept creation, development and implementation support for

Brand design
Exhibition design
Showroom design
Event design
Print design
Digital design
Interactive design
Motion design



Carsten Röhr – Founder / Managing Partner

Carsten Röhr studied communication design at the Akademie U5 in Munich. After completing his studies, he initially went into classic advertising, beginning his career at Jung von Matt an der Isar in 1999. He quickly realised however, that the classic angle was a bit too one-dimensional.

Shortly thereafter, he founded d.efect Gbr with two friends with the idea of letting their creativity run wild on websites and CI projects. In 2001, he then founded with Heidi Bücherl tisch13 GmbH, a multi-award-winning communications and design agency for brand experience and communication in space.

Carsten’s work can be characterised by a consistent cross-media orientation, coupled with a keen sense for new communication possibilities and a strong awareness for innovative trends.

Pat Kalt  – Managing Partner

After receiving basic training in journalism at the Badische Zeitung, Pat Kalt studied German and English Literature, Art History and Modern History at the University of Basel in Switzerland.

In the late 1990s, he moved to Berlin, where he worked for the renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson for several years. Under the aegis of the artist, Pat managed and realised numerous international large-scale art projects in a double role as creative director and project manager. He also worked as a freelance copywriter, editor and concept developer in his spare time.

In 2005, Pat moved to Munich where he took on the position of head of creation at the creative agency Expolab. In 2009, he became one of three partners and managing directors. During this period, his clients included the BMW Group with the BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce brands. Pat’s conceptual and creative direction saw the BMW and Mini brands showcased in a number of successful brand experience campaigns.

In 2013, he joined tisch13 as a creative director and became partner one year after.


Carsten Röhr and Pat Kalt are members of the Art Director’s Club Germany and have received numerous prestigious awards for their creative work over the past years.


tisch13 is member of METZLER VATER GROUP since April 2019

The METZLER VATER GROUP and tisch13 share a clear common understanding of an integrated communications approach that focuses on the brand experience as a whole and now bundles all important disciplines in one agency group: consulting, design, architecture, event, digital and driving experiences.

METZLER VATER thus also underlines the continuously growing strategic importance of the design division, for which tisch13 is now responsible within the Group, and at the same time strengthens its cross-divisional consulting competence, which it will bundle in future in its own central team.

The tisch13 customers, in turn, benefit from a far greater depth of service, which includes all essential service phases from consulting, conception and design to planning and project implementation.

As a result, tisch13 now has seamless access to the METZLER VATER GROUP’s entire range of live, architectural, digital and driving experiences.

Carsten Röhr and Pat Kalt will remain on board as Managing Partners and will continue to be responsible for the creation of tisch13 as dual leaders.

More information about the METZLER VATER GROUP:


Our team consists of 40 employees from a wide range of disciplines: communication designers, motion designers, 3D designers, architects, strategists, concept developers, copywriters, graphic designers, production specialists, project managers, HR employees, accountants and managers.


2016 Deutscher Designer Club/Gute Gestaltung Silber in Kategorie Raum/Architektur

2016 ADC Nagel Silber in Kategorie Raumdesign

2016 ADC Nagel Silber in Kategorie Kommunikation in Raum

2016 ADC Auszeichnung in Kategorie Architektur Craft

2016 PLOT Eventdesign Jahrbuch

2016 PLOT Messedesign Jahrbuch

2015 Deutscher Designer Club/Gute Gestaltung Silber in Kategorie Raum/Architektur

2015 ADC Auszeichnung in Kategorie Kommunikation im Raum

2015 GOOD DESIGN Gewonnen in Kategorie Architektur und Design

2015 iF Design Award Gewonnen in Kategorie Exhibitions/Trade Fair

2015 German Design Award Special Mention in Kategorie Excellent Communications Design

2015 Gregor International Calendar Award in Kategorie Fotografie#

2015 PLOT Messedesign Jahrbuch

2014 iF Design Award Auzeichnung in Kategorie Exhibitions/Trade Fair

2014 Deutscher Designer Club/Gute Gestaltung Silber in Kategorie Raum/Architektur

2014 ADC Nagel Bronze in Kategorie Kommunikation in Raum

2014 ADC Nagel Silber in Kategorie 3D Design/Architektur

2014 ADC*E Nominierung

2013 ADC Goldener Nagel in Kategorie Kommunikation im Raum

2013 ADC*E Nominierung

2013 Clio Award Gold in Kategorie Design-Environmental

2013 Deutscher Lichtdesignpreis Nominierung

2013 Red Dot Award Best oft he Best in Kategorie Messepräsentation

2013 iF Design Award Auszeichnung in Kategorie Exhibitions/Trade Fair

2013 Der Raum Goldener Schlüssel

2013 HKDA – Hong Kong Designers Association Gold in Kategorie Exhibition an Window Display

2013 Deutscher Designer Club/Gute Gestaltung Silber in Kategorie Raum/Architektur

2012 iF Design Award Gold in Kategorie Exhibitions/Trade Fair

2012 Der Raum Bronze Schlüssel

2012 Red Dot Award Auszeichnung in Kategorie Event Design

2012 ADC Bronze Nagel in Kategorie Kommunikation im Raum

2011 Red Dot Award Auszeichnung in Kategorie Event Design

2011 Adam Award Bronze in Kategorie Messeauftritte

2011 ADC Auszeichnung in der Kategorie Kommunikation im Raum



Illustrations:Christophe Louis Quibe & Yeka Haski